Trust part 4

I see two camps or thought patterns that I think are equally divided and can be seriously faulty, the one group over simplifies things and the other complicate issues. The key to life is to gain knowledge, perspective, understanding before a balanced, well measured solution is formulated.

The issue of Trust is one that certainly requires a balanced approach to fully understand it. A pillar of Trust is communication, many have confused chatting/ talking for communication. The topic of communication is something we will tackle in articles to come later, more extensively, however communication is more than just a chat. Throughout the day you can talk to a lot of people but you communicate with a few people if any.

You can only effectively communicate with those you have a relationship with. A boss and his staff, husband and wife, best friends and a store keeper and his customer are all examples of relationships where communication is necessary and can be achieved. Why is communication achieved best through relationships? Because there is a level of Trust afforded to the people you relate to.

A relationship is more than a husband-wife, mother-daughter or any other family connection, relationships I am referring to go past family. When there is interaction and both parties interests are addressed, that is a relationship. A store keeper is in need of customers, a customer wants products and through those interests a relationship is forged.

Effective communication has all parties understanding the issue at hand and both parties being in agreement which is basically the place for Trust. For Trust to be exercised, one requires the ability to communicate, effectively talk, be understood and clarify what has been heard. Part of the reason why constituents do not Trust politicians is because politicians talk a lot and communicate very little leaving the relationships with their constituents very shallow.

The more you communicate openly with those you relate to the more you get to know and Trust them. There is a reason why the U.S Congress is basically not functional, they all talk to and at each other, there is no communication therefore they don’t build Trust and clearly cannot negotiate. Without communication, you struggle to understand and Trust those you do business with, communicate to build Trust and grow your success.

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