Trust part 3

Any functional relationship has to have a foundation and I submit to you that part of a strong foundation is trust. I have noticed over the years that all the relationships that I have that work and are great are all based on trust.

Allow me to demonstrate, I buy all my groceries from one store, I buy my clothes from the same shop, I have had the same dentist for a long time, I have the same bank, buy all my cars from the same dealer and flight the same airline always all because I trust those brands. I have tried to experiment and each time I have hated the experience. It’s funny that I even buy the same drink from same Coffee chain all because I know how they make it and I trust that they will not fail my order. The times that my order has been failed I have been forgiving because each time it comes with a promise for better the next time around.

To me, trust is a must for a relationship to work, in other words, there is no true relationship without trust. Look at every relationship you have, I will bet that the ones that work are those where you trust the people you relate to. Here is my argument for you, to get relationships that work they ought to have trust as a foundation. If you have relationships that are not working you may just need to cut them loose. There is no point in keeping people around that you don’t trust, it’s just wasting your time and energy.

For you to be truly successful you have to find or be with people that you trust so that when they are handling your business you do not chase after them. If you do not trust people you will chase them, keep an eye on them, send and spend resources to make sure they are doing what they have to. Your success is tied to the people you invest in and if you invest in people you do not trust, you will spend energy where it is not required therefore costing your own success.

2 Responses to “Trust part 3”
  1. I totally agree with you. Another important aspect is communication and you can’t build trust without communication. Maybe sometimes are misunderstandings because we interpret things and situations in different way but if we can discuss about what we think, how we see a certain aspect of life or situation,what we dream about,what are our expectation, this is how you build trust.


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