Trust part 2

Trust is a lot of things but it certainly is not blind. There is an old saying which says that you should never trust anyone especially those that say trust me, that is a little extreme. You should only trust those that have earned your trust because as much as we may want to worry about others, they also worry about us in the realm of trust. They are those who are trustworthy and then again they are those that are not, trust is earned therefore we all have to work for it and also work to maintain it for as long as live. 

Was it President Reagan who said “trust but verify”? The people you trust should be people that have demonstrated that they are trust worthy. Sometimes we make our decisions on who to trust based on criterias that are both weak and useless. Not all who are in high offices are trustworthy, not all who call themselves leaders, Pastors, Elders or Ministers are trust worthy. Trust has nothing to do with position or power, neither does it have anything to do with social status, rich or poor. Some of the most trustworthy people I have come across are social outcasts, I have learnt more from people with no positions in terms of trust than I did from those in power. Trust is so important some call it the currency of business, it is anything but blind. 

To me, trust is a character issue. If you are a person of character you are trustworthy, you preserve your character through what you do and how you conduct yourself. The easiest way to get people to trust you is through buildIng your character. People of character keep their word, they are transparent, honest and not malicious, build your character and you build trust with those around you. 

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