Failed leadership

Imagine failing and not even know that you have failed, how frustrating is that? The perfect example has been freely, loudly and publicly demonstrated by the U.S Congress and President. Any thinking person can tell you that what is going on does not make sense yet the Politician’s can neither acknowledge it nor can they do the right thing.

Lets break it down, Congress hates a law that they passed, they want no funding for it and the irony is that the approach they used is one that does not stop the law from being implemented. All Government services are shutdown which means loss of revenue to the Nation, means National Parks are closed, means the people who work in the Government offices are temporarily without work, Children services are closed, libraries are closed and yet the people who closed those services cannot see that they messed up.

While partisanship seems fun, while it’s beautiful and it gives some people a sense of identity to belong to a party and have an ideology that they identify with, it is stupid to destroy an entire Nations’ economy just so you can identify with an ideology. America is bigger than the GOP or Democrats, it is more than the ideology of any one person or group. Watching the Politicians go on camera and give partisan talking points is really a sad sight, for any who think they are winning, truth is they are no winners in this debate.

The pride of an entire Nation has been reduced to petty arguments. The GOP speak of fiscal responsibility yet they cannot see that by shutting down the Government they are losing revenue for the Government, their speech is not compatible to their actions. The Bible says that there is a time and a season for everything, I argue that this is not the time to shutdown the Government.

The he attempt to undress the President is certainly not in his second term when he has nothing to lose, if the vision is the next election then I would argue that you may want to not shut the Government down. It is amazing that those who have the power to lead have closed their eyes to reason and choose to lead with closed eyes and minds. It does not take a genius to see that a shutdown Government is a useless Government yet the bright ones amongst us choose to be the most useless people ever.

It’s time for a change in leadership mind frames, partisanship does not lead to success but gridlock. Sometimes the perfect politician I so new with no agenda, it’s not always a partisan who should be voted in.

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