Trust – Part1

Have you ever considered seriously why you buy in the shops you buy your groceries, why you drive the car you drive, why you go to the Church you go and why you are in a relationship with the people in your life that are not family or workmates? I can almost guess that it is because you trust those institutions, people or organizations to a certain degree.

Trust is critical in business, many companies do whatever they can to keep a name, label or store open just because that is what people have known and trusted for years. The success some companies have is not because they have a bullet proof for success or positive proof plan that keeps them above everyone but just the simple fact that they are trusted.

Trust is better than popularity, after the noise settles, people go back to who they trust most than who is the most popular. From the big organizations like Coca Cola to the smallest corner shop, trust has to be the most important aspect people seek.

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