Many people think that moving Cities, houses or rooms will change their situation, they do everything they can about where they find themselves. Foolish as it may sound, some people turn the pillow when they have a nightmare in the hope that will change their dreams, its really the same pillow. Some people use the same approach when it comes to relationships, they think changing the partner will make the difference and they will be happier.

Changing your position, house, City or partner works only for a short time until reality sets in. Soon after reality has set in, the issues start to arise again same as before and now people become stuck. The problem usually if not all the time has little to do with where you are than it has to do with how you got there.

Let me break it down, you are where you are because of how you think. Our outcomes are determined not by our surroundings but by our thinking. A drug addict wants the next high and so they chase it, they remain in their addiction because they want that high and it’s effects. Same as a person who is chasing money, they are fueled by what they are chasing and so the more they get the more they chase.

Your thinking will either hold you back or propel you to the next level. Your physical position or space has very little to do with how you will perform as your think does. To change your situation, change your thinking.

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