What if

We are all guilty of wishful thinking at times, we hope things would be different when stuck, we wish things go in a different direction when we are losing, we wish a lot of different things depending on our situation. Have you ever seriously thought, what if we simply did what was right or what we wished instead of just wishing?

What if our yes was yes and our no was no and no one had to think twice what we meant.

What if we loved people without a hidden agenda

What if we taught our kids the importance of being honest.

What if we obeyed the laws on the books including speed limits

What if we forgave and held no grudge no matter what the wrong was done.

What if we respected each others possessions

What if we honored our leaders and elders

What if we committed to our promises without reservations

What if we gave it a 100% in everything we do

What if we turned up to work, church or meeting early all the time

What if we were honest with each other all the time

What if we gave our hearts without reservations in relationships

What if we never take each other for granted

What if we never fought about our disagreements and accepted people for who they are

What if instead of fighting and having divorce as a solution we fought to keep each other and love each other more.

What if instead if having an affair we loved our partners more

What if?

I am sure that if all is done correctly, the answer will be “we will make humanity better and have better societies for it”

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