How many people will set off for a journey with no destination, is that not the most ridiculous thing to do? Well, when you live or set about your life with no goals, you are like one who takes off for a journey with no destination.

It is good to have a game plan set out with a number of things that you would like to achieve as a goal, not as a destination. Success is not a one time constant state of affairs, it is an every growing ,changing and shifting deliberate outcome relative to set goals. Everyday, every hour, week, year or decade you should have goals that you set for yourself. Goals are specific, they are measurable, should be attainable, relevant and have a time span, what we call SMART Goals.


The goal does not have to be broad and vague, it has to be edifice to what you need e.g Walk for 25minutes or 15 kilometres a day.


It has to be something that you can measure. I want to lose 30lbs or i want to grow a beard are all measurable, you can weigh yourself and see if you lost the weigh or see in the mirror if you have grown the beard, that is the measure. There is no point in doing something that you can neither measure nor determine if desired result has been obtained. It should be something that you can quantify.


It should be something that you can achieve. There is no point in setting lofty goals that you cannot achieve. Start with small targets and build your confidence as you go. If you start with a 30 minute walk and you cannot even walk for 5mins that will likely cause you to give up if you happen to get tired before you get where you wanted.


Your goal has to be relevant to what you want and your needs. No point is setting weight loss goals when you have no weight issues and are trying to deal with your stage fear. Your goals have to be relevant to your needs.


There has to be a start and finish time to your goal. Goals that are open ended normally do not ever get accomplished. Be prepared to set a finish/ end time to the goal. The end time does not mean you will never ever have other goals again but just a way to cap of one goal and be able to successfully say it is now completed before you move to the next goal.

Many people go about life with so many unaccomplished goals because the goals are too vague, too open, not measurable and have no completion deadline or time therefore they cannot say when they need to start the next goal because the last one has not even ended.

The gas tank of your car takes in a specific amount of gas, you can measure how much goes in, the gas has to be the right/ relevant gas for the car and you can tell how long that gas will last depending on where you are going or what you are doing. It is that simple, to achieve a desired outcome, define or specify the outcome, measure the progress, know its relevance and set a time for the outcome.

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