True success

Success is wholesome, part of true success is the ability to live your dream.

At 64years of age, Diana Nyda just swam 103miles, 55 hours from Cuba to Florida. To give a little perspective, she had to swim in open waters, no oxygen tank or divers suit, just her swim costume.

You either have to be dedicated or seriously insane to do something like that, open water, no shark cage, no flippers for her feet, I mean, seriously? But you have to understand that this was her dream, she wanted it so bad there was nothing that was going to stand in her way. 5 times she tried, 4 times she failed. The key is she never gave up, no matter how disappointing it was to fail 4 times before, it was the dream in her and so the failure was fuel to try again. Each time she failed, she got a lesson on what she had to do the next time around and used those lessons to try again.

True success was not achieved when Diana made it on the other end, it was achieved when she decided not to quit. Each time she kept going and never had disappointment keep her down, she pushed on and on each time. Diana had practice that was just unreal, 10hrs of swimming in a pool non stop. That is the mark of true success, being able to push on inspite of whatever failure that you face.

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