Fighting shadows

I am so amazed how many people spend time worrying what their enemies and haters are doing and talking about. The people who are against you will never speak good of you so get over it and more on with your life.

We as human beings have such a huge desire to know what people are saying about us, we want to be loved so much that we forget to live and start to give our all in an attempt to be loved. We somehow forget the pain our haters caused, we forget how to live for us and all our ti,e is spent trying to make them love us, well, it is not of any benefit living to be liked by your haters.

Live your life for you and those who love you and are for you otherwise you are like one who is fighting shadows. You can put so much effort and power but the shadow does not feel a thing, you will sweat and use energy but hit nothing, stop shadow boxing in the attempts you are making to be liked by your haters, it’s not going to happen.

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