When building a house, you start off with a foundation and then work your way up. The same principal works for building a career, building a reputation or character.

It now goes without saying that no matter how big you make it, the basics still apply. When you run into issues and things don’t seem to be working out, before you go out looking for the big solutions, go back to basics. Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that make the difference, going to the simplest foundation of your business, career or character.

We sometimes want to think outside the box so much that we forget that whatever filled the box was not just air. There is nothing wrong going back to the box and researching on what worked before and duplicating it. Going outside the box is not bad, it’s just not the solution always.

Basics work too. Think about it, no matter how fast Usain Bolt gets, he still has time for practice, it does not get basic than that.

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