Decision time

I will never forget the day I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was both a day I looked forward to and a day I wanted never to come. Life can be daunting when you are so sure of what you want to be but because no one else understands it you worry if it makes sense to e rest of the world. If it is not popular you join your friends in saying the most popular thing because it seems to be accepted than your true dream.

Teachers, leaders, Pastors, youth group leaders all told me what not to be, I was so sure that what I wanted to be made sense but no one but me knew what I was talking about. My heroes were on TV and the TV was a devil to my parents. My parents were so focused on my education that anything outside education was a waste of time. I was a good field hockey player, I enjoyed soccer and rugby, I was a good sprinter but that all was said to be a waste of time, my family wanted me to focus on using my brain for books.

So, the question is how do you become what you want to be when the world is telling you what you have to be? The answer is not that simple, it is actually much tougher to be who you want to be without fighting for it. You have to make a decision, stand by the decision (subject to refining and sharpening your decision), fight for it and keep chasing it no matter what the opposition is.

Decisions have consequences, to be fair, even the lack of a decision is in itself a decision and has consequences. You have to have conviction of your thoughts and decisions before and after you make them. The only thing that will give you the courage to stand for your decisions is making the choice and decision to stand. It’s time to basically stand up to yourself and the world and make a decision on who you want to be, what you want to be and where you are going in life. Make a decision and stand by it. Sure, any decision needs refining, evil wing and attention. But the first step is to make one, you can review refine a decision that has been made not be that is a secret and still to be made.

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