Sunlight the best disinfectant

Truly, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Nothing lasts forever, there is nothing that happens in the dark that stays hidden.

Does it not bother you that in this day and age prominent leaders try to hide things. From small insignificant in appropriate gifts to huge issues like money laundering, people try to hide their illegal or shameful activities.

There is an old African saying that simply means that you cannot gift wrap anything with horns, the horns will poke through. Anything hidden eventually comes to light. The beauty of exposing something wrong and bringing it to the public platform is that it forces a reaction, when caught people tend to become contrite and very repentant.

Sunlight, or exposing what is wrong becomes the ultimate way to deal with people who mislead. If only people placed as much effort in doing right, they would be no need to resign from office, embarrassment and a million apologies. Simple solution to scandal, stay clear of it because sooner or later it will be exposed to the light. Sunlight, the best disinfectant

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