Listen before you speak

How often do we respond before we even understand the question? It is a human habit to hear and speak and when in the business arena, even in relationships this is dangerous.

When you are always ready with an answer before the question is even asked, people tend to take a back seat. You alienate people and you are a turn off. People want to feel that you understood, it’s not just your answer they want, it’s your empathy, attention and rapport.

As men we are wired to fix problems, as Leaders we are also wired the same but not every problem requires a fix. I have discovered that at times, my wife and my staff at work all want me to just listen to them vent. After a long conversation in which I actively listen and simply ask more questions without giving a solution, they go away happy. Only when I am asked specifically what I think they should do that is when I now provide and think up solutions.

Listen before you speak, not all conversations have a question in them, some are just that, conversations. Do not be quick to provide solutions, not everything needs you to fix it.

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