When I was interviewed for my first job it was for a very small firm, I was one of the first 3 employees hired. The other two employees were almost carbon copies of my boss and in a way I was the same, my boss seemed to be hiring himself.

I ended up quitting because it seemed like I was useless. Whatever I thought, the other guys had the same point, whatever others thought, I was of the same mind frame. What is the point of everyone having the same way to view an issue.

While it is good to hire like minded people, there has to be a distinct variety in the thought patterns, backgrounds and experience of the people you hire, diversity one can say. Like minded people likely have the same roadblocks and set backs as you, same areas of focus and viewpoints. This can hinder your expansion opportunity and chances of great success.

Diversity breeds success, when different view points are tabled out there is room for a wide assorted option pool to chose from and that is good news. One view point is like a horse with blinkers, you know all he can see is the path he is on and that’s it. Blinkers can even stop you from seeing things that can come from other angles, problems and challenges.

Do not be afraid of different view points, you just have to have wisdom in how you address them. A diverse team has great potential, it brings a variety of options to the table and gives a variety of options for growth or solutions to the problem.

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