August 9, 2013 my brother in-law gave me the best material for an article yet, he graduated from a course he once dreaded. Talk about perseverance, he even received an achievement award for that course, wow.

It was a long and tough journey, Pelaiah can testify to moments of hopelessness as he worked through this course. It is remarkable that when he had to the perfect opportunity to quit, he ignored the short term benefits of dropping out and endured to get his degree. What an achievement.

The best way to win your prize when the going gets tough is to persevere, keep pushing. Someone once told me that when they set out to do something, the only thing that will stop them is the completion of the project. The lie that you tell yourself or that other people will tell you is that it might not be meant for you, try something else people say. Plan B at times is an option to quit, where there is only Plan A, there is a way.

The most sure way to get the results is yes determination, but determination without perseverance is like a race car with a lawn mower engine, it might move but will never get there, at least not without being towed.

Hats off to those who push through even when it hurts, to those who burn both ends of the candle if they must. Kudos to my buddy, brother in-law, tussle mate, Pelaiah Mpande, so proud of you especially when you achieve through what I preach.

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