Tragedy introduces you to yourself. Moments of pain or joy are mere interruptions in life that connect you with the real you.

No amount of pain makes you or defines you, it simply reveals the true you.

At the precise moment you are confronted with a tough situation, tragedy, an accident or whatever situation, your reaction shows us what you are made of. Tragedy does not shape or define a person, it brings out what is already in the person.

Someone once told me that the best way to get by life is to treat tragedy like you treat success. I have now lived long enough to know that some people go over the top when they are successful, tough for them if they treat tragedy the same way as they treat success.

The biggest tragedy in life is to go through life not knowing your purpose. How should you treat tragedy, well, what are you consuming now when there is no tragedy? Work on who you are and your reaction will be you.

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