Nay Sayers

It is almost certain, actually I can 100% guarantee that you will have people against your success. They will always be a crowd that knows why you should not succeed, why you will fail, why you made a mistake and those people have loud voices.

You will always hear the loud mouth negative speech crew more clearly than the positive crew because negative people speak loud and frequently. You tend to get used to hearing them because they are always on their “A” game.

So, to ask this negative crew if you should do something or not is basically you committing suicide, they have no tattooed on their lips for you.

Do not give nay Sayers room and air by letting them talk, do not ask them questions, they have nothing good to say. Focus on the important thing, keep the crew for assessment. I have found that the haters are a good way to keep me in check, I always want to be better do when they criticize, I always check my ego before I proceed.

Keep doing you, trust yourself enough to have a team that can help you build yourself up through honest assessments and good advice.

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