Have you ever wondered why someone would say “use your common sense?” One would conclude that if common sense was so common, they would not be an argument or encouragement to use it. Why do people do stupid things, why do people do what they do in life, period?

May I suggest that everyone has a motive for whatever they do, the only people out there without that would do anything without a motive are people who have no ambition and drive. I know many quickly subscribe to the school of thought that motive is a bad thing, they think negative when they are asked what their motive is? I guess I did too for the most part until I realized that there is nothing wrong with having a motive.

Think about it, the motive for going to bed is so that one can rest, the motive for eating is so that one does not feel hungry or that one satisfies their hunger, the motive for working is so that one can have money for bills, food and numerous other pleasures & expenses now, or retirement in the future. Having a motive is actually healthy and I would suggest that any business person or anyone who wants to realize success should have a motive for doing what they do, to realize success.

In short, while common sense is not always common, aim to have the right motive whatever you do.

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