Guarantees in life

I cannot guarantee that everything you do will see the light of day or even make it past your desire of it to be famous but I will a thousand percent guarantee that whatever you do not attempt you will succeed at not accomplishing.

It is understandable that some people become sceptical after failing one or two times in life, after trying a few things without success it is human nature to give up or question if you should be doing it at all. Dreams and desires are lost because of failure, that I can also guarantee, if you give up on your dream, you give up on ever realizing it.

There are no guarantees for success so do not ever second guess yourself there, there is half a chance or guarantee for those who try. Your journey in life will see many ups and an equal if not greater number of times of difficulties but that neither means victory is certain nor that failure is coming, that is just life.

With all said, I can also pass you one more guarantee, if you try, you will possibly succeed, that’s a guarantee.

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