Sometimes we neglect to look at our failures and weaknesses to our own detriment. If you are ever going to be successful, you need to address the weaknesses that you have so that they do not become a drag on you.

Weaknesses are not the inability to succeed, they are simply a drag on your success and accomplishments and cause you to lose ground that you spend months if not years to gain. Your weaknesses can cause you to tarnish your reputation and character, you can even destroy your own family. A healthy person is one who can look in the mirror and say I have issues but I will not hide them, share with a mentor the issue for the sake of accountability and always be honest when you fail.

Our problem is not that we have weaknesses, it is that we try to hide the weaknesses and then when it is too late we seek help. I know I have weaknesses and I know what they are, I share with my accountability partner and we all keep me in check. It does not make me less of a men, it actually keeps me on my toes and strong. I am not afraid to fail, I am not afraid to be real but I never want to be successful through a lie or falsehood, that has no lasting power.

Look back over the years and see men and women who were powerful, successful and well up who fell because of their weaknesses, that should tell you something. Honesty is not the best policy in life, it is the only policy that secures you from falling on your own sword. No one is immune to failing but you can avoid some falls just but confronting your weaknesses.

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