My parents were never the richest so I could not attend all the sporting disciplines that I would have loved, they did not have money for me to take on extra lessons so I had to study extra hard to pass my classes. I was not born with either skill or much talent, I had to work extra hard all the time in everything I had to do to achieve good results. I learnt my lesson then, skill and talent I may lack but determination will carry the day in the absence of skill and talent.

I do get by using nothing but sheer determination and zeal. Do I wish I had the talent, sure but that I don’t have it does not stop me from going for what I want and wanting to be the best at it. I will last as long as the next guy and stand as much as I need to no matter their talent or skill. I know we always say the sky is the limit but in my books your mind is the limit of what you can achieve. A closed mind will not see past the lack of skill and talent you have, an open mind cares less about the limitations and asks how can I equal the skilled and the talented.

Never accept the notion that only skill and talent wins the day, Determination can do the same.

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