Fear of success

There are some things that depend on ones’ perspective and some things that depend on ones’ intuition, either way, it all depends on the individual presented with the situation. Fear can either be motivating to one person and or crippling to another albeit its the same thing that they both fear.

Someone said that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s sounds very true. Fear drives and most times it’s not what has happened to the person, it’s what they think will happen that stops them from doing something. When you cannot even perform an act because you fear the outcome, you have already resigned yourself to failure and fail you will.

I see fear as Focusing Externally Affecting Reality. When you focus on external circumstances that you can neither control or manipulate you are losing. When you want to succeed you have to focus on what you are capable of and then see how you can use your strengths to overcome the situation or circumstances at hand. Use what you fear as motivation to achieve what seems impossible. Fear should be our main drive, because it appears hard, drive even harder towards the goal no matter what the fear is. If you fear failure then the answer is to work hard so you succeeded, if you fear, fear, then act as like you should and ignore your fears. When you are driven to the ground by something that on,y exists in your head and mind, that is a sad state of affects and you like will not achieve anything more than the ordinary.

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