Pushing boundaries

Every year there is a new model car released, at times they are two models released. Apple releases new products with upgrades on their OS each time, do you think that it helps them succeed and stay on top of their game?

We are in an age when you are to stay current, you have to be innovative in order to stay on top of the game. Today’s society has a very short attention span so whatever you do has to be fresh to keep people engaged. It is often said that in a 15minute speech, you have 5minutes with the audience, after that they are not paying attention. If you want people to stay engaged you have to wow them every 5mins, keep them hooked on what you are doing and the only way to do that is to remain innovative

Pushing boundaries means that you have to keep changing, move beyond where you are. Truly speaking, the world is a space that you can make your playground and express yourself. With over 52 African countries, you can afford to be differently representing your brand, Europe has its own flavours, North and South America carry their own market styles, think beyond your boarders. Your mental boundaries should be eliminated, keep looking for the edge o
In all you do and that way you will remain successful.

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