As the leader goes

Have you ever wondered how a team can be a winning team even when they have no superstars and have the lowest budget possible? Well, I can tell you how they manage it.

My good friend and former boss once told me that he never looks for perfection because that comes with time, he looks for commitment. Committed people can do anything they set their minds to do.

My boss, Bobby, was passionate and committed in all he did, you had no choice but want to be like him when you worked with him. Bobby was the first one in and the last one out of the office, I only got to know not because he told me but because I saw him as I had set to know his day.

I had to study my boss, he received so many accolades in his day, his reputation and the reputation of his work was a thing to marvel. Slowly, inch by inch, day by day I started to imitate my boss and wanted to have what he had through copying what he did.

As a leader, people watch you, they in silence, sit, watch and study your moves. As you do, your team will also do. More people will follow instructions as they are acted than said. The reason why your team might never win anything is because you carry yourself like a defeated person and you end up becoming what you think. How are you leading?

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