Success and relationships

One thing that I have learnt in life is that success loves healthy relationships.

In 2003 I met the love of my life, it was the best day of my life. We set it off from day one, we were so in love and our lives could have not been more exciting. Fast forward 4years later, a month after our wedding and things appeared to be headed south. I was focused on success in my career which caused me to neglect my wife and ultimately send our relationships on a downward spiral.

I had to go back to basics, I had to work on my relationship with my wife and make her happy before I realized the success in my career. It was a very eye opening experience, I learnt how to win leveraging relationships. Today I am still working on my relationship with my wife and am realizing the best years of my career yet.

As long as my wife was unhappy, our relationship, my work and life did not see or realize any sort of success. I had to work at it, from training myself on what is important to actually spending my resources on making my relationship work. Your relationships are very critical to your success, they can determine the altitude you gain in your success helicopter, so to speak.

Health and fun relationships cause you to be more focused, enthusiastic, excited and happy. Your success is only as vibrant as your weakest relationship. Keep working on your relationships as much as you work on your success and all will be great in the end.

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