Priority Management

Not everything is urgent and not everything is important, if at all it is either urgent or important, who is it important and urgent for?

Many times we become more accustomed to reacting instead of prioritizing simply because there is not enough time in the day. The demands of other people, bosses, departments, kids, friends and yes even husbands and wives dictate how our day goes instead of our schedules.

We have to learn to prioritize our day according to what is important and not always what urgent. Sometimes the urgent items are just because there is a deadline but have no importance to what you have to accomplish for your task or role. Imagine this, you have 50minutes to get to the bank, you are 60minutes away and your kids are waiting to go play in the park with you.

Getting to the bank seems urgent but is it really important now that you have 50 minutes left in the entire day to get there? What is important is spending time with your kids in the above scenario, so while the bank is further than the time you have, it’s not that important.

The same principal works with business, what’s urgent vs what important. The questions that will help is figuring everything out are simple,

1. How does this enhance my business goals

2. Do I need to have the task completed today, now or can I do it later in the day or week?

You could spend the day addressing emails, calls and people who come to you but if they do not enhance the business goals for that day, you have just wasted your day. What’s urgent vs what is important to you?

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