Ignorance is dangerous

It is often said “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” ummmm, seriously? Take a second and think about that, how does that make sense at all?

Ignorance is the worst form of intelligence, it is a dangerous place to be. What you don’t know will cause you all sorts of grief at the least but certainly can kill you. Imagine arguing without facts, isn’t that ignorance at it highest degree?

Would you touch a hot plate from the oven with no protective wear? We always hear at the airport that any unattended luggage will be discarded, why, because it could contain harmful contents. Bags are scanned so that we know what’s in them and cannot allow things that will hurt us inboard a flight, we don’t want to be ignorant.

As you go through life, invest in learning, chasing facts and information. I know that you cannot know everything, you just don’t have to be ignorant about everything. Invest in people who know, find friends who love knowledge, stay away from ignorant people and you just might make it and be successful

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