Breakfast of Champions

My son will be turning four in 3days, my wife and I are thrilled. Everyday we watch him grow, his vocabulary has grown to the point he can say huge lines like “daddy I can bet you have never seen a penguin”. It is exciting to watch him turn into a young boy from the baby we always saw.

While many things have changed, I have noticed that his morning routine has not changed. A waffle, cheerios, rice crispies or toast with peanut butter are his usual choices to pick from and he makes no mistake to pick one. I love how he does not make a mistake about what he wants, he knows what he wants and calls for it.

As part of your daily exercise do you know what brings you the greatest joy? A routine is not bad, it does not have to be the same thing but your day has to follow a certain structure. I have discovered that when you know what works and you work that system consistently, you are bound to keep your success going.

Insanity as described by many is basically doing the same thing expecting different results, by the same token, a genius is one who can identify what works and repeats it over and over again to keep the success going.

Find what works and what brings you success in what you do and repeat it over and over again until you need to revise it for more success. Do not be rigid, be open to change your system but until you need to change it, repeat what works to get the perfect results always.

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