Your Growth

Its been often told as a story that the growth of fish is relative to the size of container, tank or pond they are in. Think about it, we all can have the same type of fish, same age, same place of purchase and yet different sizes simply because of the place where we decide to keep them, funny right?

Our growth can be either be inhibited or propelledtonewer, higher heights by the environment we are in. We can be held back without even knowing it because all things will seem tobe very normal. When you are not clued in to your dream you can easily miss the target and not even have a clue or reasoning to what you are missing. Your environment, friends, mentors and people you hang around are critical, show me a men’s mentor and I will tell you his future. Do be who or what you want to be to the fullest of whatever that is, you have to always be on your to.

So are you interested in success, are you invested into your own future? If you are, ask yourself this question “What size tank are you in today?”

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