Life, friends and love.

A few days ago I drove approximately 3600kms to see a friend graduate from the Police Academy. This was the first time I had gone outside my comfort zone and explored other parts of the Country by road. The Journey was fun, the company I had, was exciting,  the scenery we saw was awesome. I did learn a few things about myself, the Country and the Police, really fun and interesting facts.

The Police train for six months, they form a bond and once they leave the academy to go to their distinctive Cities, they remain a click and a well behaved community. They are people who want to do the Police harm, people who dedicate themselves to breaking the law and yet they are also people like my friend who dedicate their lives to stopping the bad guys from causing chaos. It was humbling to know and see that this family called the Police is all about us, the sole reason for the Police to do what they do is because of us.

18hours in a car will turn anyone crazy but the crew I travelled with was amazing, I discovered that I actually enjoy the outdoors. Driving through and into three Provinces was breath taking, I realized that life is more than money and fame. Just driving past the Rookies was an intensive situation, I got to appreciate the outdoors more and what life is all about. Sometime all we have to do is slow down and enjoy life.

As I was driving I started to realize how much I love my life, friends and family. Everyone is searching for love, it is the number one thing in anyones life that makes a difference. Knowing that you are loved give you an extra spring in your step, it make you feel a few inches taller. Pray hard, love harder. Life is only fun when you get to do what you love with who you love when you love. I appreciate my friends a little more, I am blessed to have friends alive and I thank God for the peace I enjoy, I really love life and my friends, its awesome being free to enjoy and live life.

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