Fear cripples

Fear truly keeps you in one place, you cannot breakout and experience new heights and new beginnings. It is true, a person that has never tried anything new will never fail but the underlining factor is that fear holds them back.

Two years ago I went camping with my wife and some if our friends. That was a neat experience, the boys got to do some crazy stunts in a lake that had some very cold water. The water in that lake comes from from glaciers so it is very cold. The guys in our group, excluding me decided to jump in with no thermals and just shorts no shirts. I calculated the risks of what could go wrong, I worried about a lot of things while my friend cared little for that.

Hours after the lake fun, we had gone back to camp and fed but now my friends had adrenaline pumping and wanted more fun, they were motivated to do more while I was so disconnected. Fear if the cold water had gripped me so bad that now I felt isolated, I could not experience the fun that my friends were having, fear was holding me back.

Somehow all the guys, me included, headed out to the lack again, this time to cliff jump. I was still afraid but I did not want to feel like I felt, so distant, like a failure and loser so I wanted to try something I had never done before. That afternoon transformed my life, not only did I cliff jump into the lack but I also had so much fun. I realized how facing that fear opened me up to conversation, I bonded with my friends and best of all, I was able to see fear for what it is, false evidence appearing real.

Fear that keeps you from trying something new is the fear that will limit you, it is not health. When all you can see is what could go wrong, the negatives, that is the fear that will hold you back and keep you from you destiny. Fear can be overcome, you just have to want your success more that pleasing your fear.

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