No Permits required to succeed

We now live in a generation where it seems as if success is exclusive to the few, we almost feel like we need permission from the few to succeed. I am here to tell you that you can be who or what you want to be and you can be it with no permission given.

Take it from me, I wasborn in a small town that many would not even be able to find on a map. When I was born my parents did not have as much as a bicycle, life as I know it now did not have me amounting to much.

I have a great wife, beautiful family, amazing son and a great career. This is not the end, I am just getting started and I need no permiton my journey. No one has the legal title to success, no one sits in the Office of Permits to Success, it does not exsist. Do what you have to to do, plan, prepare, get advice and go turn your dreams into reality. Life is too short to give your success a pass because no one has given you the go ahead to get it.

The worst thing you can you in your life is to entrust your success to another person, the second worst thing is to wait for permission from people to get your success. Your success is a permit free event, what is stopping you from getting it?

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