Winning small battles trains you for the big war

We live in a world that believes in microwavable success, we are fed so much of the lights and sparkle that we have no time to wait. Constantly chasing the next big thing we have no time to work for the things that we want, we have been forced to forget the essentials of life to the point that we chase the next big thing even when we do not have the internal steel required to carry that success.

Steve Jobs had few failures before he became the big shot that he was, he was fired from his own company and had to go start again which he did. They are more than a dozen stories of very prominent people who did not give up when knocked down. For every success story we hear of now, these people had to overcome a lot of adversity and kept on fighting until their success was so big that it demanded recognition.

The small battles train you, they give you skill and the experience for the bigger war. When it dawned on me that success is not accidental, that like a muscle, you can grow your success, I was happy to take it a step at a time.

Consider this, an addict who is going to rehab is happy with each day, they celebrate each day they are clean like they won the lottery, why, because each day sober builds confidence and hope that they can stay clean. A year is 365days, each and every day of that year is necessary to make the year a complete year.

The reason why a lot of people who win the big lotteries become broke after a number of years is because they never had the small victory so the huge victory is way outside their comfort zone. People who accidentally get rich do not last so much being rich, its like a shock to the systems because now they are experiencing what they never did before.

So, the question is what small battles can one win to train them for the bigger battle? My advice is set small targets, daily if not weekly targets that are attainable that are also measurable so you can see when you have achieved the target. My daily success starts from waking up, I aim to be up at 6am, work or no work and doing that helps me have a tick in the winning column of my day. Take the small wins, they are good.

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