Deliberate about success

I used to think that if I was a little taller, light skinned, born in a rich family, born in another family or Country I would be much more successful and very rich than I am. I always wanted to think that success was handed down, passed or, in a family gene or somehow only for a few people, boy was I wrong. I was so wrong its almost embarrassing to accept I even thought like that.

Years later, many many years later I am in a different place, married with a kid and another onb the way, I view success in a profoundly different way. I know much more than I did a few years back, I have invested time into studying what success really looks like and if there is a theory or secret to be successful.

The truth is that there is no secret to success and success has no one definition, it is way more than just money and wealth, although money does play a huge part and is a necessary measure of success. To different people, success can be described in a variety of ways than range from money to a state of mind.

To be successful one has to be deliberate, want it, seek after it, pray for it, nature it and work for it. No one ever set out to be nothing and ended up a billionaire, you become what you chase. If you plan for nothing, you will get nothing but if you chase for success, in the way you describe it to be, then you will get it.

My dad had 5 kids, he sent us all to school and to him because he had grown up in a different era with different priorities, sending his kids to school was a measure of success to him.  When I look at my dad, anything I can do better than he did, is a measure of success to me. I am not going for five kids like my dad but if I manage to educate my kids past College,the, and only then, I will have had part of my measure of success. Success, is certainly more than more, it is much more than just material possessions.

Describe your success, start with small items and do this for every area of your life. Once you have been able to define, draw and set your success out, execute. Success does not just happen, it is something that you need to nurture, watch, grow and chase after it


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