Essentials of Success Part 2

In the first part we did learn that in order for us to achieve and realize success one has to first define what they term as success. Anything that is not defined can be defined for you by other people or circumstances thereby opening you up to other people success markers which may be a little hard to reach. It only takes a level-headed and focused person to define what their success is and to live by it.

The next, which is the most important essential of success is what you do with definition. In the Christian World we talk about writing the vision, making it clear so that whoever reads it can run with it. That principal is universal, you are not accountable even to yourself when you have nothing written down. It is true, “the pen is mightier than the sword”

Many people do not achieve a measure of success, not because they are born poor or just destined to be losers but because they do not write down what it is they want to succeed and how they would know when they get to their success. An unwritten vision is like a map with no names of places, you would have a hard time knowing where you are or how to get where you want to go. Write it down and make it clear for yourself, let it be so bold that you cannot miss it, that is how you enlighten yourself to the true definition of your success.

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