How did we get here

The worst thing ever in a relationship is suddenly finding yourselves in a place where you have no clue how you got there in terms of conversation, emotions and feelings. Waking up and finding out that you have come through so much and are now in a place where you have no clue how you go there, the love is no longer the same and your wife or husband is like a stranger.

I think back on how my late uncle met his wife, I remember the stories my dad told me about his dating experiences and the little stories my cousins told me of their adventures in the dating world and when I stack them against what I hear from my friends now, I am not surprised why relationships don’t last. Today you can get in a relationship the same way you can buy a piece of used furniture, on the internet.

Today we have millionaires who have made money from people dating, yes it was not a typo, millionaires just because people date. One out of five relationships started online and we wonder why the institution of marriage is breaking down. They are some sacred things that should not be tempered with and the more we temper with them, the more of society breaks to pieces and bringing it back is almost impossible.

We cannot shutter our moral fibre then dare ask what is wrong, we cannot ignore our foundations and wonder why our society is breaking down, we cannot lose sight of what held the previous generations together and wonder what the future will hold  for our generation when we disregard everything the previous generation did.

How did we get here, how did we get toa place where we cannot meet in Churches or in Schools and date, marry, wed and grow old together, how did we get here where dating is now controlled by businessmen, how did we get here where divorce is more popular than marriage, how did we get here where families are now recognized by the splits they have than the oneness they should represent. It is a sad day indeed.

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