Assessing Good vs Bad relationships

It is always interesting to comment on relationships and how this or that other relationship have failed or worked. Look at the Hollywood relationships or celebrity relationships, they seem to be the shortest ever were we would expect them to be the best because of the money and fame they carry. Having talked about that, it will be safe to also look at those at the other end of the scale, the so-called poor people and their relationships. These tend to vary for some reason and the majority are the longest ever known relationships.

This can is some way answer the question on how to assess good and bad risks in the relationship stock market. All factors considered I would gladly say that they are three major areas that one would need to look at before coming to any conclusions or in stock market language making the investment. These are not the three final pointers that should be looked at but just essential pointers that should be considered.

The first being SELF-. Lets be honest, a good investment is only as good as the one who manages it. You can acquire the biggest company in the world and no sooner than you get it, it records the biggest fall ever recorded in the market simply because you are not cut for such a business. You need to ask yourself why you want the relationship, your own reason for entering the relationship have to be well-known. Imagine buying something and having no use for it, you will have simply wasted money. A relationship is an investment, not in yourself but in the other, if you are not a good investor you will not be able to get a good return out of the relationship.

The second thing would have to be What you are looking for? I personally do not believe that there is a perfect someone for anyone. There is a suitable someone fr everyone however one has to have a criteria of the person they want to invest in. By this I mean you have to look at the passions, dreams, goals, ambitions etc of that person and see if you can carry them and fulfil them. As I said before, a relationship is an investment where so certain things to get out the ultimate goal of a relationship which is Love. Women reciprocate, give them groceries they will give you a meal, give them grief they will give you hell, give her love and attention and she will be the best lover, wife and friend you can ever ask for. I know the question is on how you can assess if it is a good investment but truly speaking, you are also that investment so you have to be either a good or bad

The third is the Other person. I have seen people meet online, fall in love and that was that, certainly seems like a fairy tale right, life is not a fairy tale. If you really want a truly lasting relationship, know your partner before marrying them. Sex will muddy the water, it will take meaning out of the relationship. I have heard people say that how can you buy a car without test driving it and I have always said that the minute as a girl, your guy describes you as a car, run. That shows a lack of respect. You have to get an understanding of the other person, their temperament, their personality, character and how they behave in different situations. Learning that your partner cannot take pressure well and they lash out when stressed is something worth knowing before you commit so you can make your choice with information rather than blindly. I know you can never really know someone but you can have a degree of knowledge that is beyond the colour of his shirt, shoes, hair and eyes, you can know more than what I can see when I meet that person. Do they hate animals, can they relate with others, can they share, do they love people, are they racist, are they stingy or giver, these are all things to know about the other person so you can see where your comfort levels are with that person before you get to a point you will regret knowing the truth.

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