Little nuggets for marriage

Looking back into my life I am always excited how things came together, it is always a good reminder to reflect on the things that have helped shape my life & indeed my marriage. I have all the confidence that if my beautiful, talented wife was to be asked if she is happy in our marriage she would giggle so hard and sweetly answer yes, she always does.

Do I hear you ask what are the secrets I have learnt that I can share that will benefit young married couples? I am glad you asked I will gladly share.

Intimacy is more than sex.

I never used to get it, at times I was the only person excited while my wife did not seem over the moon with joy. I always thought intimacy happened in bed, oh how sadly wrong and misguided I was. When I begun calling her at work to find out how her day was doing, sending flowers on odd days, sitting with her after work, watching her programmes on TV, cooking before she came home, helping her clean the dishes, goofing around in the house, cracking jokes and giving her messages I began ever happier than ever. Romance and intimacy begin early in the morning when you brew her a cup of tea, when you just serve your wife, she will in turn feel loved and the results are dynamic. Every single thing I did for her made her feel close to me and that created intimacy for us, the phone calls, the emails during work and the text messages, there is no excuse for not making her feel loved.

While we have a date once a week, everyday is a day to demonstrate love to each other and just make the others day a little easy and lighter after a hard day.

Friends more than lovers

The one thing I have learnt is that even in moments my wife upset me, I always wanted someone to talk to so I would find myself calling her to tell her someone upset me and that someone was her. The friendship that we shared allowed us to tell each other freely when we upset each other and that made us never get mad but instead grow our relationship, especially the friendship which in turn meant we became more attached and great lovers.

Be her/his greatest cheerleader

When I met my wife the first thing she wanted to know were my dreams, the second thing was how I was going to achieve them and lastly when I planned on achieving them. The fact that she cared to ask gave me reason to keep myself accountable and be honest to tell her the dream. There is noone on this earth who cheers me like my wife does. I started writing my autobiography and the deadline was set by my wife, I plan to meet it. She knows everything about my vision to the point that she is my manager. She researches and gathers information for my company and all I want to do before I even ask her because we operate on the same wave length. My greatest cheerleader, motivator and trainer. She does not cheerleader because she is my wife but because she believes in me and my dreams, that alone drives us close to each other more.

Your relationship to your wife or husband is only as strong as the investment you place in it. You cannot grow a connection when you do not make time for your partner.

2 Responses to “Little nuggets for marriage”
  1. Pat says:

    Isaac ,I am speechless ,I love it when you write ,you are a blessing and its amazing how you clearly express yourself in writing ,keep it up and by the way ,you forgot to mention that your ice cream date 2 days ago didnt go very well LOL……the ice cream was naaaaaaasty but it was all good coz it was shared with the most amazing man that makes my world rock!!!!! love you boo xoxo


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