Creating a new Marriage Norm

Listening to many people around I should hate being married, I have been told that I am in the honeymoon phase of my marriage and sooner rather than later I will hate it. Funny, I have heard that story from the first day I dated my wife. For the most part I was afraid of letting go and loving her to the fullest of my ability because I was expecting things to go wrong, well that came to an end.

Peoples fears made me love to love my wife, I have deliberately made a conscious choice to make the most of my love life no matter what is around me. Yes marriages have suffered a lot over the past few years and looking at the stats out there one could be forgiven for thinking that marriages do not work anymore. Well, mine for one is purposed and designed for fun and new heights no matter what is happening out there.

Success is not exclusive to a few, it is a deliberate choice you target and aim to achieve. I believe that those who see or have success in an area of their lives is as a result of a stubborn focus. You have to want more than the norm, you have to give your mind and your heart to success such that failure is not a part of your vocabulary. I refuse to accept negativity, I refuse to watch or listen to shows that promote individuality in marriages.

For me, marriage is a great place of trust, fun, love & oneness. I could not be happier and to tell me that marriages are failing I refuse to accept that mine will head that way. As long as I have breath, I make a choice to make my marriage work. I commit to going over and beyond what I used to do when we dated, I will cook for my wife, I will clean the house, I will rub her feet, I will surprise her with clothes, I will buy her flowers just because its a Monday or a Friday. I commit to seeing her smile therefore the norm for me is a happy loved, well taken care of wife, that is the new norm for me.

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