The Power of Words

Growing up I was what many would call the `Black Sheep` of the family. I never did get along with my mother, respected my father and was at odds with my siblings. Naturally I heard it all, I was called names and had certain judgements cast upon me which were supposed to define me. For the greatest length of time I believed and hung on every word that was said about me because it was easier to identify with those words and names.

I found comfort in everything that gave my parents headaches, I went out of my way to do the wrong thing because I had already labelled myself as a worthless person therefore I had no reason to do good. It became an effortless thing for me to get into trouble, I chose the wrong friends, began to make failing grades in school and was depressed most of the time just because of words that had been carelessly thrown about.

Mostly we take for granted the words we say, we call kids any words that come to mind when we are mad. Without care and concern for what words do and how much they scar the children we are careless as to the use and expression of the words. Silly, idiot, bustard, no good, waste of time, brainless, these are just a few of the words that are used in the heat of the moment to address children, they are wrong and really cause unlimited damage.

I used to find it easier when my mom used the belt or whipping stick to correct me, I actually felt like I got off easy. When she shouted at me, I broke down, when she called me names I would cry myself to sleep because words hurt me more that a good backside whopping ever did. I could take a beating any day but words made me feel worthless, defeated and not human, I felt that taking my life was a better option for me just because I was called names.

At some point I learnt to use those words against people who called me names, I became more determined to prove them wrong. For everyone who at any point called me a name I made it my life’s mission to counter their negative words with positive affirmations of myself. I purposefully made a conscious effort to be positive, an effort and a statement that countered every word that was negative. My joy in life now comes from proving nay Sayers wrong, I have made it my life’s mission to be positive no matter what I am going through and everyday morning when I wake up I speak out that I am a success and a blessing to my family, every night I go to bed I confess the same thing because that is a way to counter negative words.

Words stick in your head, they make you draw conclusions and cause you to doubt yourself. Words have a way to mess you way of thinking and cause you to doubt everything you stand for. Words are so powerful that in times past all a men had to do was say a word and that was a contract, the shaking of a hand would seal the bond of trust. With nothing but words God created the entire universe, all he had to do was say a few words and the universe was created.

Words are powerful, if you speak doom you create the atmosphere of doom around you and if you speak positively then whatever is around you responds to the vibe you give.

2 Responses to “The Power of Words”
  1. Kelz says:

    This is good stuff bruv,more pliz.


  2. Pat says:



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